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Sessions API

With Sessions api V3 you can:

Create Session

You will be required to add X-AppID and Content-Type headers but attention: Do NOT INCLUDE the X-InstallationID header.

POST /api/v3/sessions
Content-Type: application/json
X-AppID: com.thundermaps.saferme

  "user": {
    "email": "",
    "password": "yourSecretAndSecurePassword"
  "auth_token": "abcDEFghijklMNOpqrstUVXVwz123456",
  "consent_required": false,
  "team_id": null,
  "user_id": 1234,
  "personal_account_option": false,
  "profile_details_pending": false,
  "password_update_pending": false

Note: This api is deprecated and it will be soon be superseded by a V4 Session API that is currently under development.