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Branded Apps API

With Branded Apps API V4 you can:

Fetch a Branded App

Get a Branded App. See the optional available fields.

Note: X-AppID header is required to identify the BrandedApp to be fetched.

X-AppID: com.thundermaps.saferme
GET /api/v4/branded_app
200 OK
  "bundle_id": "com.thundermaps.saferme",
  "disable_sign_up": true,
  "enable_location_warning": true,
  "latest_version": "2.10.3",
  "one_tap_reporting": true,
  "password_requirements": {
    "minimum_length": 8,
    "strength_levels": {
      "weak": 100,
      "medium": 10000,
      "strong": 1000000
  "safety_app": true

About password_requirements

The password_requirements field describe what a password need to have to be accepted as valid on user sign-up, password reset and update password.

The minimum length allowed is given by minimum_length. The minimum password strength is given by strength_levels.strong.

To calculate the password strength follow the rules of a well known password strength estimation tool

We use the average number of guesses required to guess the password to compare with the strength_levels given from the response.

Note: Bear in mind we DO NOT use the score property from zxcvbn which seem to be the most popular method.

# ex:
# weak because it is lower than 100 strength_levels.weak
=> 4

Available fields

You can use the fields parameter in any of the Branded App API methods. The requested method will respond with the required fields accordingly. Some fields are included by default but you can opt-out from them on request.